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When we took an internal survey asking where people had celebrated their 7th birthdays, most of the responses we received were in the realm of “at a skating rink” or “in the backyard with a jump house.” Adeline of Spokane, Washington, however, has her own idea for where she plans to celebrate her birthday.

Adeline is celebrating her Star Wars-themed birthday party at a homeless shelter where she and her friends will be serving food to people less fortunate than themselves. Her party will have decorations, music, and cake that she plans to share with everyone at the shelter.

Adeline loves Star Wars and the inspiring story it tells. She and her siblings dressed up in Star Wars costumes  for Halloween this year and she knew she wanted to have a Star Wars-themed birthday party.

What inspires a six-year-old to have her birthday party at a homeless shelter?

Adeline kept seeing homeless people on the street and asked her mom if something could be done to help them. “They needed help and I wanted to help them,” she says. Her favorite part of volunteering is seeing the warm reactions of those she is helping. She’s even become good friends with a 3-year old girl named Harley who is homeless, striking up a friendship she hopes will last a lifetime with her and her little sister.

With the help of her family and friends, Adeline will also be giving 300 goodie bags filled with mini shampoo and conditioners, toothbrushes, toothpaste, Band-Aids, and more to members of the homeless shelter.

Adeline fully embodies what it means to be a Force for Change and proves that no one is ever too young to start helping other people.

                        Written by: Alix Solo

Where was your 7th birthday party?