• What is Force for Change?

    Star Wars: Force for Change is a charitable initiative from Disney and Lucasfilm. Our goal is to harness the strength of Star Wars and its global fandom to empower people to come together to make a positive impact on the world around them. We want to inspire people to be “forces for change” in their everyday lives.

  • What does it have to do with Star Wars?

    Following the massive global success of Star Wars: A New Hope in the late 1970’s, fans began to embrace Lucas’ stories of struggle, hope and inspiration on a more personal level. Philanthropy was very important to George Lucas — he used early screenings to raise money for charities around the world with a particular emphasis on children’s healthcare and education. Over the course of the last 35+ years, Star Wars fans have continued George’s mission to support children in need, volunteering their time with costumed character visits at countless children’s hospitals and raising millions of dollars in donations. In the spirit of these fan-generated charitable efforts, Force for Change was born.

  • Who does it benefit?

    In its current phase, Star Wars: Force for Change is collaborating with UNICEF to benefit Kid Power, an innovative new program that uses the world’s first wearable-for-good activity tracker to get youth physically active. The trackers provide nutrition-rich food packets to kids in need around the world, inspiring a new generation of global citizens who have an inherent desire to help others.

  • Who can I reach out to if I have questions?

    If you have any questions about Star Wars: Force for Change, please email FFC@lucasfilm.com.

  • Are you a Force for Change?

    If you are a Force for Change, we’d love to hear your story. Email FFC@lucasfilm.com for a chance to be featured on our website.