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San Diego Comic-con is a cultural phenomenon of energy and activity, so what better place to see our Force For Change collaboration with UNICEF Kid Power in action?

On Friday, July 9, in honor of Star Wars day at the con, we gave 5 Star Wars Super Fans each a UNICEF Kid Power band and tracked their activity in the name of Force for Change. Kid Power bands measure physical activity while the person is moving and getting active. The more activity and movement taken, the more “Kid Power Points” get unlocked.

Our 5 Super Fans, Amy, Ashley, Jon, Ruark, and Steve were awesome as they ran around, some in costume, in an effort to help feed as many kids as possible!

By the end of the day, they walked over 65,000 steps and earned over 26 Kid Power points. In honor of their efforts, Star Wars: Force for Change will be quintupling the worth of each Kid Power point! As a result, 132 Ready-To Use Therapeutic Food packets will be donated to kids in need around the world.

A huge thanks to the Star Wars Super Fans for all they did to support #ForceForChange and UNICEF Kid Power!