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Heroes from a galaxy far, far away aren’t the only ones with Jedi powers. Built for a new generation of global citizens, UNICEF Kid Power inspires kids and their families to harness the Force using the world’s first wearable-for-good.  Kids gain the power to help their peers around the world and end global malnutrition by getting active to save lives!

This past March, more than 11,000 kids in Boston, Dallas and New York were among the first to get active and help save lives. Together, the students took enough steps to walk around the world more than 23 times. They earned enough Kid Power Points to save the lives of 1,259 children, and learned what it means to be a Force for Change. “Now that I have my Kid Power Band, I am trying to find more and more ways to become active,” a fourth grader in New York shared. “I’m so happy that I can make a big difference in a child’s life.”

Here are some of the results that the UNICEF Kid Power initiative has already delivered with support from Star Wars: Force for Change:


  • 4,524 kids from Boston have walked the entire circumference of the Earth 7.9 times!
  • Over 53K packets of food donated, enough to save the lives of 359 children.
  • Over 287,000 miles walked.


  • 2,694 kids from Dallas have walked the length of Cowboys Stadium 1,075,975.0 times to save lives!
  • Over 35k packets of food donated, enough to save the lives of 239 children.
  • Over 217,000 miles walked.

New York:

  • 4,114 kids from New York have walked around the entire island of Manhattan 7,278.1 times!
  • Over 52k packets of food donated, enough to save the lives of 350 children.
  • Over 258,000 miles walked.


Check back here in the coming months to learn more about how you can get active and save lives with Force for Change and UNICEF Kid Power!